The benefits of living in Manchester city centre

Manchester is one of the UK’s biggest cities and has a growing reputation as cultural tourism destination both in the UK and abroad. A young and vibrant city that attracts some of the most talented and ambitious individuals from around the North West, Manchester is home to two major universities, two world-famous football clubs, a thriving music scene and a number of Britain’s major businesses.

With great transport links to all of the country’s other major cities and a wide range of new housing projects being built, Manchester is experiencing a lot of positive development. Whilst many residents choose to live in the many suburbs surrounding the city, I have considered some of the advantages of living in Manchester city centre.


Living in the city centre allows you to have easy access to a range of services and amenities that will be right on your doorstep. You will always be close to shops, cinemas, pubs and restaurants, giving you a great amount of entertainment to choose from. If a certain restaurant is not to your taste there are a host of others that you can choose to visit, which is not often the case in suburbs and small towns.

Save money on commuting

Living in the city centre can save you a lot of money on public transport fares or petrol, as the majority of workplaces and educational institutes are located in the city centre itself. By living much closer to work you can take advantage of being able to walk into work, rather than using the car, tram, bus or train.

Commuting can be stressful, tiring and leave you frustrated when services that you rely on experience delays. Many people who live in the city will choose to cycle to work, and enjoy the benefits of more exercise and a less stressful journey to work.

Vibrant social scene

As well as the many museums, galleries and shops in Manchester, the city centre is home to several lively bars and great nightclubs. Living in town will give you easy access to the bars of the Northern Quarter, Deansgate and Castlefield Locks, providing you with plenty of locations to enjoy a night out over the weekend. You’ll never have to worry about expensive taxi fares.


Newly built apartments

Manchester has seen a great deal of regeneration over the past 10 years, with areas such as Piccadilly, Castlefield and Salford Quays being the focus of a lot of development. There are numerous new apartment buildings across the city centre offering spacious city living for reasonable prices. These new apartments are built with security in mind so residents can worry less about  the threat of criminal activity, as specialised key cards, door codes and security gates reduce the risk of crime occurring.

Many cities around the UK are currently benefitting from the regeneration of urban areas, encouraging more people to choose city living over a life in the suburbs. Manchester is no exception and its vibrant centre will make a great home for anyone who decides to enjoy the benefits of living in the city.

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