The M60 Extension Work

DSCN5980Over the last few weeks as I’ve been going around the M60 I’ve noticed vehicles and men with theodolites measuring roads and roundabouts and bridges around chunks of the M60. More specifically I’ve noticed them measuring

  • the Three Arrows roundabout (the M60 Middleton exit)
  • the carriageways past that roundabout
  • near the intersection with the M62/M60
  • the Rochdale Road bridge across the M60.

The amount of backup up traffic to the M60/M62 interchange on most nights is extensive. All lanes towards the interchange also fill up if there’s an accident pretty much anywhere else on the M60/M62/M56 network. When that happens we also get overflow traffic piling down Rochdale and Middleton Roads.

All of which draws me to wonder whether the road planners are thinking of extending the M60 motorway and creating more lanes it.

Personally I would have thought increasing the number of lanes on the M60/M62 around junction 17/18 would be much more effective, and maybe making one lane straight through to the M62 with no way to get to any other lane. At least it would reduce the M60s other use as a car park.

Anyway, you heard it first on the Manchester Blog!

Let me know if you’ve noticed ones and twos of high visibility surveyors measuring widths!

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