The Manchester Congestion Charge ‘D Day’ Arrives!

Postbox With Snow - waiting to be The Royal Mail has promised to go around all the post boxes in the voting areas and get all votes posted by the last post today and then deliver them for counting at 10pm tonight. So if you want to vote you can!

There seems to a lot of heat about the vote in the media but a lack of interest on the part of the those who will be affected.

Maybe that’s because people believe that the votes will keep coming until we vote the right way – "Yes." Certainly that’s what several people I’ve talked to have said.

How will the vote go?

It’s difficult to predict because of the apparent massive apathy and the equally passionate supporters on both sides of the argument.

In one of the letters in today’s Manchester Evening News I noticed that one (long) letter pointed out that small businesses would move out of Manchester. Workers would start at a time that allows them to go through after the charge period thus creating another congestion.

And the congestion charge supporters brightly point to the fact that the traffic infrastructure will be massively improved by the government money. A point I remain to be convinced by.

After all if there’s talk of delaying needed aircraft carriers what’s the likelihood of Manchester receiving all the promised money? Remember we were promised money for the Metrolink expansion by the "New" Labour  government who decided not to bother after all.

I still remain in two minds on the one very optimistic hand I want to believe that the money offered would improve the Metrolink to all areas, including the Trafford centre and Manchester Airport.

On the other hand I remember the broken promises of bus deregulation, of other transport initiatives and of the downright lack of belief in the truth of a politician’s promise.

Good luck Manchester, how ever it goes!

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