Vote Manchester For World Monopoly Game

Get Voting For Manchester on MonopolyI’m serious.

Let’s get Manchester onto the board of the World Monopoly game.

Go to the Monopoly Site and nominate Manchester (UK) to get onto the board. Be careful because the USA has a few Manchester’s too.

Manchester’s not on the shortlist but when enough of us nominate it we’ve got a chance of being one of two wild card cities that will be added onto the board.

After all we’ve Manchester United and Manchester City, both of which have huge following around the Uk. And Manchester United has a vast army around the world. So all you United and City fans getting voting.

Also all you Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University and UMIST graduates vote! Come on click on over to the Monopoly Site now, get registered and vote.

And everyone from around Greater Manchester too – just click on over to the Monopoly Site and nominate Manchester.

By the way the site has a pile of Monopoly trivia, including the total number of green houses built and how the sets were used during World War II to help escaping soldiers.

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