Quacky Duck Races At Clayton Vale

Wacky duck races at Clayton Vale Get your water wings on because the annual Clayton Vale duck race is almost on us.

Proper water racing ducks (who’d have thought it?) are being readied for the Clayton Vale Quacky duck race on Saturday 10th April. The event starts at 1pm and goes on till 3.30pm.

It’s run by the Friends of Clayton Vale and they seem to get great weather every year. Let’s hope the snow we had this week doesn’t return and slow the ducks down.

There are at least two races for the ducks and the winner gets something. What, I don’t know! Probably a lolly…

You register your duck at a table near the Clayton Vale centre (at Edge Lane, Clayton, Manchester) then wait in eager anticipation for the ducks to be cruelly dropped from the bridge over the river Medlock.

The banks are lined with people urging the small yellow plastic ducks to swim harder, faster or to just mind the banks.

I’m not quite sure if I’m wacky for doing the shouting or the Friends are for continuing to put on such a fun afternoon.

Try it, I recommend it.

But hey just keep off my lucky duck (number 14) he’s going to win this year I just feel it in my bones.

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