What Will Manchester’s Thieves Steal Next?

stolen fence panelsKay, my wife was woken about 4:00am in the morning by a noise. She didn’t know what it was so went downstairs to check in the sitting room and kitchen. She looked around and saw nothing. Then she came back upstairs to bed and noticed that 3 fence panels from our drive had been taken away.

Obviously we phoned the police who were sympathetic but obviously held out no hope of getting them back. That’s the downside of living in a fantastic spot to get anywhere – so can thieves.

What had really surprised us was that this yob, or yobs, had taken 3 panels, seemingly at random. Kay then suggested that maybe they’d only taken those three because the others were more difficult to remove from the posts. I check them and of course she was right, the other panels were immovable.

So at least we were spared the annoyance of having to buy 10 panels, rather than 3.

The thing that gets to me about this is that whoever did it obviously thinks that whatever someone else has can be used as if it was theirs to do with what they like. And yet, of course, if someone was to do the same to them they would be angry and incensed that someone had stolen from them.

And with this sort of casual unconcern for others property is it any wonder that people we know who live here are considering moving away?

Anyway, looking on the bright side this area does tend to have lots of police driving past so at least it wasn’t any worse!










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3 Responses to What Will Manchester’s Thieves Steal Next?

  1. Paint your fence bright green next time. That’s my advice. Or plant bushes – and concrete them in.

    I had my gas meter stolen. That was a lovely 11 days without hot water and heat. Lovely Longsight.


    Good luck with finding your fence!

  2. Jim Symcox says:

    Thanks Mark,

    At least my gas meter is relatively safe, although check out my next post when I desribe what happens when you leave a tram station unattended.


  3. Vince says:

    I walked past a house near Broadway in Davyhulme which had exactly the same thing done to its fence . . it wasn’t you by any chance was it

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