Why Do We Have The CRB Check?

Passport holderYou may remember the CRB Check saga my wife had about getting her CRB check back before she could start working in schools.

It arrived in the post today. So on the one hand, hurrah! And then on the other I looked at it and it has “NONE RECORDED” against each of the different categories.

Why on earth has it taken such an incredibly long time to get back to us? It’s not even slightly complicated because we’ve lived at the same address for about 15 years.

Can someone explain the purpose behind the document?

Getting A CRB Check If You’re A Bad’un

It seems to me that anyone who’s up to no good, who has no previous history, could easily get a CRB document.

And anyone who has committed an offence can simply change their name, get a false birth certificate and get a CRB too.

CRB Too Complex

Rather than having a CRB document related to a person it relates to a position. So if you work in the voluntary sector you may have to get several CRB certificates.

Then to cap it all you have to get the certificate renewed.

A Single CRB

From a layman’s point of view a single CRB document that informs somebody that you’re ok to work with vulnerable people would work better, because you could move jobs and use the same certificate. Which could be double-checked online and the employer input their own details to confirm the current position of the holder. In addition, if offences happen they can spread round all the employers you worked for very quickly.

CRB Renewal

Employers should be informed immediately a notifiable offence happens.

If they don’t find out until renewal time they may put people in their care at risk for months.

Simply renewing the CRB check is too late a stage to find out.

Why CRB Check?

I don’t mind giving an agency vast amounts of personal data for the CRB check. Other than the fact that it must be leaving you at an extremely high risk of identity theft.

The question I’d ask is, “why have a CRB check?” Because the company employing my wife looked her up on the offenders register the same day they interviewed her and it came back clean. That’s all you need to know isn’t it? In which case a massive CRB checking industry has grown up around a document that really doesn’t do the job it was set-up for.

After all determined offenders, or people prone to offend, still get jobs in school.

I’d be interested to know whether the CRB check has really caught people trying to apply for positions they shouldn’t have.

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