Yang Sing – lives up to expectations

This is the first restaurant review for this blog and where better to start than with a Manchester city centre institution, the Yang Sing?

And with all highly rated restaurants you can see they are setting themselves up for a fall.

Well, it did not happen here.

Besides great service, ambiance, the food was superb.

I particularly recommend the spring onion pancakes and turnip balls if you have a savoury tooth. Try to limit yourself to one portion, which was impossible for the turnip balls.

For the main course I had a rice stick with chicken and black bean source. A very generous portion and one that was to be lunch the next day (for two) and coming in at around £7 incredibly priced.

A full meal for 3 with dim sum, hake and aubergine (small portion), two vegetable soups (perhaps a little expensive at £4.50) and the above dishes with boiled and fried rice came in at £45 with Chinese tea. In London, a similar experience would surely be double.

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